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 Valuing 6.9's and outlook
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Posted - 06/07/2017 :  10:36:34  Show Profile
I've gotten the impression that 6.9 pricing is all over the place, but there seems to be a consensus that pricing has bottomed out. This is based on looking at cars for sale and other MB boards, nothing more. Nevertheless, I'd be interested in anybody's comments.

And, if the general view is indeed that the 6.9 market has bottomed out, what forces are in play to drive the market up? I'm thinking here of, say, a 10 year time frame. Cheers,



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Posted - 06/07/2017 :  12:52:29  Show Profile
Hi Dave
This is a topic which we throw about every now and then, and I am sure other members will chime in as well, but here are my 2c worth.
These are fantastic machines, but most folks have no idea what a 6.9 even is, and thus they see it as just another W116, as in "grampa's old POS diesel Benz".
What has hurt the 6.9 in value for sure is the often overstated complexity of the HPF suspension. Yes, parts can be tough to find, but all components can be rebuilt. The main reason for these cars ending up at the scrapper is neglect of course, and the main area to be neglected is the suspension, because "it's a Mercedes, it will run forever, right"!? Coupled with this the almost non - existence of competent shops who can work on any old Benz, much less the HPF system, and you have in a nutshell the reason for these beasts going the way of the dodo bird.
Will values skyrocket? Who knows. Maybe if some rapper makes a rhyme and features it prominently in a music video, something along the lines of "let's do a 69 in my 6.9" we might get somewhere in value. Look what happened to W111 Cabriolet values after the "Hangover" movie. Astronomical and a bit stupid at the same time methinks, but hey the market has responded. So maybe we should put a bug in a rapper's ear...

1977 450 SEL 6.9
Vancouver, BC
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Posted - 06/07/2017 :  12:58:14  Show Profile
As with most classic cars. Many buyers consider them as worthless until they own them and it which case they usually at least double or triple in price from just the fact that they now own them

With best regards


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Posted - 06/07/2017 :  13:04:19  Show Profile
Yes, interesting. What comes to the labour cost of restoration I think the body is quite significant part if it is rusted. That is why I bought mine from the dry area. After purchasing my car I was offered a 500E that I bought - this is the reason I want to sell my 6.9...

I have no idea what happened to W111 coupe and what means the referring to Hangover movie - it might fall into category I try to avoid...

But I do agree the artists today seem to every now and then use "our cars" in the music videos...

Kari Pykäläinen

1971 300 SEL 6.3 #5581
1980 450 SEL 6.9 #7201
1987 560 SEC
1992 500 E
2000 G500

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Posted - 06/07/2017 :  15:41:28  Show Profile  Visit mtrei's Homepage
As the old adage goes, if the roof comes down the price goes up. Same applies for two vs four doors. The fact that almost all M-100s are four door sedans will always restrict their collector value. Look at the value of W111 cabrios, then imagine what it would be if there was a factory 6.3 version. Yes, 6.9s will rise in value, but on a much shallower slope than we've seen lately with W111 coupes and cabrios, W113s and 190SLs. I keep telling people that now is the time to buy nice R107s, but not a lot seem to be listening. Sure, they made a zillion of them, but they're disappearing fast.

I actually see this lack of skyrocketing values as a good thing, as it allows people to enjoy and drive these cars, instead of locking them up in a garage, only to come out and get dusted off for the occasional concours.

Edited by - mtrei on 06/07/2017 15:42:35
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Posted - 06/08/2017 :  02:56:47  Show Profile
I've a thread running for awhile now with cars I've found for sale online. I've a spreadsheet with them, and am planning to put together pricing trends, but since I don't know what they actually sell for, it's going to be a vague ballpark for valuation at best.

1976 450SE 6.9
aka Frankenbenz
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Jack English

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Posted - 06/08/2017 :  12:32:26  Show Profile
Having owned both a W116 and W126 purchased new, I have a soft spot in my heart for them although the 116 was a 450 not a 6.9. I notice these cars when I see them. The 450 and 380/500 versions no longer appear on the street, even here in dry California. The diesels, however, persist as cult cars and many are percolating along on biodiesel. I have driven a couple of "old" 126s that have been allowed to deteriorate badly. The nice ones will retain their value.

Jack English
300SEL 6.3 #4768
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Posted - 06/08/2017 :  14:12:10  Show Profile  Visit mpmorris's Homepage
Jack --didn't I send you home in my old 126 500SEL with hydro suspension some years ago --I suppose it did fall into the category of deteriorated --but 'badly' might be too strong (that came later) --the car hadn't yet fallen into the 'embarrassing' category, although it eventually was consumed with deterioration.

Edited by - mpmorris on 06/08/2017 14:14:50
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Posted - 06/08/2017 :  21:25:34  Show Profile
Maybe it's a waiting game. The 50 year mark certainly helps ( look at the W113's ). Cool factor helps ( i.e. trendy ). I also put value on low production numbers. And, although my "bring it back to life" project is a constant 3 steps forward and 2 steps backwards adventure, I not selling anytime soon.
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Posted - 06/08/2017 :  21:28:06  Show Profile
I bought my 6.9 and a 190SL each for less than $10k back around 1994. I way prefer the 6.9, but it's too bad the conditions are not reversed. My 6.9 is a euro model and only has 68k miles, the 190 is rusted out and taken apart for future restoration. If the 190SL was in the same condition as my 6.9 it would be worth around 5 times as much. I should sale my 6.9, about all I do is crank it every few months now, but I keep waiting on the value to go up.
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Posted - 06/09/2017 :  10:04:51  Show Profile
I believe the current price insanity in some cars such as air cooled 911 Porsches will decline as the buyers currently aged 50 and up die off. The younger age cohort simply has no connection to cars of the 1970's. The post above about mistaking for a 300 SD is right on. The 6.9 has no visual appeal. What will be very interesting is watching what happens to values 20 years from now as the current 20-somethings who have no interest in cars come into money.

'77 Silver 6.9
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john erbe

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Posted - 07/19/2017 :  23:12:51  Show Profile
Relatedly; take a look, Craigslist/Los Angeles, '79 with 60K asking $38K. Curious as to what he'll fetch.
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Posted - 07/20/2017 :  01:31:23  Show Profile  Visit abl567's Homepage

This one just sold for $66,000 here in Oz,
only 66,000kms but needs paint and upholstery
That price has set tongues wagging, and asking prices for existing advertised cars to rise...

6.3 #2723, my first classic Benz
3.5 #8659, my second.
2 to go...
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Posted - 07/20/2017 :  12:25:32  Show Profile
I find the discussions about price interesting...

There are some cars that are "good investments," but on the whole collector cars are have lousy ROI numbers. Most of the collectors I know buy them because they love them, not because they are profitable. Hence the phrase "buy the best you can afford." If these beasts were good investments, then buying a rather worn example would still be worth the effort, such as restoring an old 300SLR. But the reality is that the cost of restoring a "fixer-upper" usually far exceeds the value of the car.

So while it's fun to watch my 6.9 appreciate on Hagerty's valuation meter, I really, honestly, don't care. I own it because I love it. I drive it every day, and don't care that the added mileage is causing it to "lose value." If it was a Gullwing, I might act differently, but it's not. Same goes for my 560SL. My wife drives it during the week, and we enjoy top-down jaunts on weekends. Does it cost me extra to run it? Yeah... Just ask my mechanic, my local non-ethanol gas station, and Flowtech... But the joy of driving around in a head-turning classic red convertible is more than worth it.

So here's to the value of our cars, good and bad! Mine will always be for sale, but not at a price anyone would ever want to pay, except me, 'cause it's mine!

Best Regards to all...

1979 450SEL 6.9 (Black/Safran)
1987 560SL (Red/Palomino)

Driven with "old man" sheepskin covers!
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Posted - 07/22/2017 :  00:29:56  Show Profile
The Shannons car was in pretty average condition and it needed a repaint. Judging by that and the interior the mileage is suspicious.


W116: Last of the steel Mercedes

1979 6.9 #5541 (Red Bull)
1979 6.9 #5398 (Blue Mallard) - Parts
1978 6.9 #4248 (Skye Blue) - Parts
1979 6.9 #3686 (Moby Dick)
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Posted - 07/11/2018 :  07:30:29  Show Profile
I am wondering the fact that I'd have to drop the price of my 6.9 to down to match a project car price before I will get any enquiries, I guess.

I'd love to keep all cars but five V8's are too many here where we can not store prestige cars outdoors.

My car has 210 k miles but the body is rust free; fully original except the paint job. I would say that is important as these tend to rust away.

It looks that I need to wait when the 50 years age for a W116 happens, but is it 1972 or 1975 or 1977 for the US markets

Kari Pykäläinen

1971 300 SE L 6.3 #5581
1980 450 SEL 6.9 #7201 for sale
1987 560 SEC
1992 500 E
2000 G500


Edited by - karra on 07/11/2018 07:35:56
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